What are the types of whisky glasses

Whisky glasses have been an object of debate for a very long time. Some people say that it doesn’t really matter in which glass you enjoy your whisky; it is the drink that matters. But a true lover of whisky will differ from this point of view. After all the attire of the drink is as important as the drink itself! Imagine having the finest of wines out of a paper cup or a tumbler. In the same way we need to give a good whisky true respect by serving it in the right kind of glass.

Most people believe that a whisky glass should be chosen depending on how you would like to enjoy your drink. Whisky can be sipped and savored neat. It can be drunk on the rocks, which means the whisky will be poured over ice or it can be had as a shot or a cocktail. All of these along with the quality of the whisky will play an important part in choosing a whisky glass.

Traditionally, a highball glass or a whisky tumbler was used to serve and drink whisky. Almost all movies and television shows depict all successful people pouring out a whisky or Scotch over ice in tumblers. A whisky tumbler normally holds approximately ten ounces of whisky easily. These glasses can be used to serve all kinds of whisky be it a Scotch, Bourbon, Irish whisky or the newer whiskies such as Japanese and Indian whiskies. These glasses can also be used to serve whisky based cocktails such as Manhattan or a simple cola with Bourbon.

The snifter glass is another glass which is extremely popular amongst whisky drinkers. This glass is a little short and broad and looks a lot like a tulip glass but is not fluted at the top. The aromas of the whisky collect easily in the bowl of the glass and enhance the flavor of the drink. This glass is best used when you are planning on savoring all the notes and flavors of an expensive whisky.

The Tulip glass is another favorite amongst whisky drinkers. This glass has a round bottom and becomes a little narrow towards the top before it flutes out. A tulip glass allows the aromas of the whisky to collect around its bulbous base and releases them gradually enhancing the whisky drinking experience.

The unique style of the Glencairn glass makes it the most suitable to hold a whisky when compared to all other whisky glasses. This glass that is now trying to position itself as the official whisky glass. It can be said that almost all spirits such as cognac, champagne, wine, brandy etc have their individual designated glasses. But whisky, which is such a wonderfully complex drink, is left being served in any available glass. Whisky drinking has to be enjoyed thoroughly. And to do that, it is not just the flavors on the palate that need to be relished but also the gentle aromas on the nose which need to be experienced and enjoyed. The Glencairn glass sits beautifully on the hand. The shape of the glass allows the drinker to enjoy the traditional nosing of the drink. The tapering mouth of the glass makes way for easy sipping and capturing all the aromas that rise with it.

How to collect whisky bottles

There are some people who develop and unusual hobby of collecting old whisky bottles. This is a hobby that can prove to be very profitable in the future provided if the right choices have been made. Collecting old bottles of whisky can be a slightly difficult obsession, especially if you want returns on your investment as it can be hard to predict which bottle of whisky will fetch a good price. Collecting old bottles of whisky is more a matter of interest and pride and these lovers almost value their possessions like gold.

Some people want to collect whisky bottles as it would be perceived as an eclectic addition to their bar or home. There isn’t a huge initial investment that you need to put in when you want to start your own vintage whisky bottle collection. All you need to prepare for is some good old scrounging around so that you can get vintage bottles at a good price. This might sound difficult to do but is actually not as hard as it sounds.

The first place to begin your collection of vintage whisky is to start browsing some antique stores. Some people steer clear of antique stores because they feel that everything there will be extremely expensive and overpriced. However, in truth you can get some splendid deals at antique stores. You might be surprised to find a true collectors pride sitting on some shelf or cabinet of a non descript antique store.

Another place to try out are good thrift stores. A thrift store is a place where you can get a wide variety of vintage bottles at relatively inexpensive prices. Another good place to start looking for vintage whisky bottles is at flea markets. Flea markets are places where you will be surprised to find almost anything. You can be sure of being able to find a vintage whisky bottle up for sale or a quirky bottle at the flea market only by keeping your eyes open.

You can also easily get your hands on some good vintage whisky bottles sitting at home. There are a number of auction sites that will give you the option of purchasing whisky bottles online. The good news about these sites is that they will give you all the information that you need regarding the bottle. If there is any historical significance that is associated with the bottle, you can be sure of getting that piece of information readily.

When you are looking at collecting old whisky bottles you should first start looking out for bottles that are well known and have been widely produced. Bottles of J&B, Jack Daniels, Jonnie Walker are fairly easy to get. If you are a more serious collector then you can look at bottles that come from the pre prohibition period. The bottles that have been produced pre 1920’s are highly prized and can sit very proudly on your collection space. Before you begin your collection prepare yourself as you will need a fair amount of patience to be able to build an enviable collection.

How to buy scotch whiskey online

Buying whiskey online is one of the easiest ways to get the brand of whiskey you desire. Not all brands of whiskies are available at the local liquor store. Sometimes just getting out and searching for a particular type of scotch whiskey can take a long time. It is not only tedious but also demands a lot of patience. It can be quite a downer when your store manager tells you that they will try to get a particular spirit but are unable to do so. To rule out all these possibilities and make whiskey buying easy and convenient, look for buying your favorite drink online.

When you are looking at buying whiskey online you need to get the basics of your whiskey right. For example a Scotch can be called a Scotch only when it is distilled and matured in Scotland. A Scotch whiskey has to go through a maturation process that lasts three years or more. These whiskies also have to be aged in casks made specifically from oak.

The label of a Scotch whiskey has to state that it has been made in Scotland. This is one of the directives of the Scotch Whiskey Regulations. If the label on your bottle reads ‘Scotch Whiskey’ or ‘Made in Scotland’ then you are looking at the real stuff. If it says anything else such as ‘Scottish Whiskey” then it could be deceiving.

When looking at buying premium whiskies online you should find out about the different kind of whiskies there are. If it is a Scotch that you are looking for then you should know that there are five types of whiskies. These are single malts, single grains, vatted or blended malts, blended Scotch or blended grain whiskey. As a general buying guide you should know that single malts are more expensive than any of the other types.

When you want to buy Scotch whiskey online you should also get informed on the region from which these whiskies are produced. Each whiskey producing region in Scotland lends its specific characteristic to the whiskey produced here. For example Islay malts are heavy, smokier and peatier than the rest mainly because of the soil in this region. Island malts have a light coastal feel to them again because of the location of the distillery and the warehouses where the whiskey matures. The air and the soil of the region have a huge impact on the flavor and complexity of taste of the whiskies.

The main whiskey producing regions of Scotland are the Highlands, the Lowlands, the Islay region, The Speyside region and the Island region. Out of these Speyside malts are some of the best selling single malts as they find a unique balance in flavor and complexity. Once you have completed your study of scotch whiskies and know which ones to purchase you can easily go online.

When you want to purchase Scotch whiskey online you need to make sure that you are going to a secure site with a secure payment gateway. Once you have done that is left to do is search for the whiskies that you have been looking for and make your purchase.

How to purchase a whiskey gift

When you want to buy someone a whiskey gift then you have to prepare to get informed on this fine spirit. Different people enjoy different tastes and when you want to purchase a good Scotch you should first understand the subtle nuances of this drink. Though whiskey was earlier considered to be an old man’s drink today it has morphed into a drink that is enjoyed the world over by people irrespective of age and gender.

When you decide to give a whiskey gift then you should know something about the present that you are about to give. Knowing how whiskies are made, the different regions where they come from and the subtle nuances of the bottle that you have purchased will show your host the depth of your knowledge and the thoughtfulness which you have put into your purchase.

To begin with you should know what a single malt scotch whiskey actually is. A single malt Scotch is a type of whiskey which is made using only a single type of grain. This single grain ingredient is malted barley. The second thing is that a single malt will become a single malt Scotch only when it is distilled and matured in Scotland. These whiskies also need to be matured in oak casks for a minimum period of three years. Once all of these things are checked off from the list the whiskey is declared a single malt scotch.

There are many varieties of scotch whiskies that you can choose from. So what differentiates one whiskey from the other? One of the major defining factors is the region from which the whiskey is produced. Much like the wine producing regions in France, the whiskey producing regions in Scotland are also grouped. The main whiskey producing regions of Scotland are the Highland region, the Lowland region, the Island region, the Islay region and the Speyside region. By far the Speyside region has the largest number of distilleries. Almost half of Scotland’s distilleries are present in this region. Because of its geographical location Speyside is mixed up with the Highland region but is actually a separate whiskey producing area. You can get rich and heavy sherry flavored malts as well as light floral more complex malts. Some famous names from this area are Glenlivet, Glenfiddich, Macallan etc.

The Highland region produces whiskies that are sweet and fruity and have a light dry finish. However these malts are not as sweet as the ones produced in the Speyside region. The famous Glenmorangie comes from this region. The Island whiskies have a slight coastal flavor to them. The character of these whiskies is slightly peatier but is still sweet and soft. The Talisker is the most famous single malt from this region.

The Islay malts are the next category of whiskies that you need to take a look at before purchasing your whiskey gift. The whiskies from this region are amongst the strongest in flavor and are well known for their strong peaty smoky flavor. These whiskies are often very heavy, have quite a bite and are an acquired taste.

Why should one go on a scotland whisky trail

When you think of Scotland whisky is the first thing that comes to mind. Apart from the breathtaking scenery, rolling hills and beautiful winding roads, whisky is what makes Scotland so famous. The famous Scotch whisky comes from Scotland. In fact so synonymous has good whisky become with Scotch that in England if you ask for a whisky you will be inevitably handed a Scotch unless you specify otherwise.

There are five main categories of Scotch. These categories are single malts, single grain Scotch, blended grain whisky, blended malt Scotch whisky which was earlier called a vatted malt or pure malt, and blended Scotch. There are some specifics that need to be followed for a whisky to be called a Scotch. The first condition being that this whisky needs to be made specifically in Scotland. No matter what specifications are followed, if a whisky isn’t made in Scotland it cannot be called a Scotch. The next thing to bear in mind is that after distillation a whisky needs to be matured or aged in fine oak barrels for a period of at least three years. In fact it has been made compulsory to write the age statement on the bottle.

According to the Scotch Whisky regulations for any whisky to be called a Scotch it has to clear some guidelines. The first regulation is that such a whisky has to be produced in a Scottish distillery and should be made with water and malted barley. Other whole grains can be added to this barley. Secondly, this concoction has to be processed into mash in a distillery and then fermented only by adding yeast. The distilled spirit has to have an alcoholic strength of less than 94.8% by volume. This spirit now has to be left to mature in oak casks in warehouses in Scotland. The capacity of the oak casks is also regulated and cannot exceed seven hundred liters. The whisky also needs to mature for at least three years. A whisky is declared a Scotch only after it follows these procedures and then goes through the color and aroma test.

In order to become a Scotch, a whisky must manage to retain the aroma, color and flavor of the raw materials that go into its making. Apart from water and plain regulated caramel coloring no external substances can be added to enhance flavor or appearance. Finally, after following all these protocols, a whisky can be declared a Scotch only after it has gone through an alcohol strength test. A Scotch has to have the minimum alcoholic strength by volume of 40%.

If you are visiting Scotland, whisky distillery tours have to be on your mind. Almost all distilleries have tours that take the visitor and introduce him to the fine art of whisky making. There can be many type of whisky tours of Scotland. Some tours take you around the distillery and teach you the nuances of whisky making. Some are even more detailed and take you down to the cellars and let you experience fine whisky in some tasting sessions. You can even go on a whisky trail to gather the full experience of the famous whiskies of Scotland. Either ways you will emerge a whisky connoisseur.

How to drink a good whiskey

When you want to become a whiskey lover you have to make sure that you start with good whiskey. Whiskey is made after distilling fermented grain mash. Different types of whiskeys use different type of grains. Most of the grains that are used are barley, rye and corn. Once the distillation process is complete, the whiskey is left to age in wooden oak casks. A good scotch whiskey will be aged for a minimum period of ten years and can be aged up to almost forty years or more. The longer the scotch has been aged, the more premium it is going to become.

When you are looking at developing a taste for whiskey you can be sure that you can have a plethora of tastes to choose from. Commonly there are almost five to six different aromas that you can find in any good whiskey. Sometimes you can even get over ten aromas in a single whiskey. Since a premium whiskey it is very complex in nature, tasting and nosing whiskey is considered an activity in itself. It will prod your brain and will remind you of long forgotten aromas that lie dormant in the recesses of your mind.

Whiskey is an acquired taste. Some people claim that they do not like the taste of whisky. Unfortunately, these people have simply not tasted the right flavor of whisky. The tastes of whiskeys have numerous variations and after tasting a few good whiskeys you will surely be able to find the taste that your palette loves. The best whiskey that you can drink is scotch whiskey. The whiskey producing region of Scotland has won the hearts of people the world over with their fine craftsmanship and superior sprit quality.

Apart from Scotch whiskeys which continue to make whiskey in the traditional manner and maintaining their high standards there are whiskeys from other parts of the world that are becoming quite prominent in the world of whiskey. Japanese whiskeys are coming up in a big way and are gradually carving a place for themselves. Along with Japanese whiskeys, Indian, Welsh and Swedish whiskeys are also coming up the ladder at a steady pace.

When you want to drink good whiskey you have to make sure that you learn the art of enjoying it. While in the beginning it might seem a little pretentious, as you get more comfortable with the ‘nosing’ and savoring you will begin to enjoy the game. While whiskey is served in a whiskey tumbler in most occasions, you need to know that when you are at a whiskey tasting session you will be served whiskey in a tulip shaped glass or a cognac glass. You need to swirl the whiskey in the glass to release all the aromas.

A lot of people ask for good whiskey on the rocks. While this works for a number of whiskeys, you should always drink a premium scotch whiskey or a single malt ‘neat’. Single malts and scotches are light and mild in taste. The ice in the drink further dilutes the flavor of the drink and takes away the experience of drinking an expensive alcohol. Also ice tends to chill the drink too much and prevents you from enjoying the full body of flavor that the drink has to offer.

Have fun sipping on a glass after making whiskey at home

If you are an avid fan of alcoholic beverages, especially whiskey then you can now have fun sipping on a glass after making whiskey at home. All you require are the right ingredients with a whiskey making kit and of course, the best possible yeast to make this heady drink right at home.

You will need appropriate brewing and distilling equipment based on the type of whisky that you want to prepare at home. You can make scotch whisky or malt whisky without any problems although if you want whisky with a lot of character then your whisky will have to pass through the aging process and you will definitely have to wait a few months or years before you can say cheers to your close friends.

While mild alcohols such as beer and wine use milder variants of the saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast, your chosen whiskey will need a stronger form of whisky yeast even if it is from the same family of fungi. You can start making whiskey by adding water to your chosen grain such as wheat, barley or maize after milling them so as to form a mixture. This mixture will release enzymes such as amylase that will convert all starch present in the grains into sugar. You can also add these enzymes by buying them over the internet so as to provide a stronger mixture.

Once the starch in the mixture has been converted into sugars such as glucose or fructose, among others then you will need to add your fermenting yeast. You will also need to conduct the sugar fermentation process with an airlock fitted on the top of the fermenting vessel. Your fermentation will take a few days based on the strength of the whiskey that you desire and the temperature of the mixture or mash. Instead of using ordinary yeast that does not have high alcohol tolerance or dies at temperatures above 27 degrees Celsius, you can opt for tougher yeast such as turbo yeast that can provide for strong alcohols even at 38 degrees Celsius.

This form of supercharged turboyeast will also provide you with strong alcohol even if you have a weaker mash and can order in small sachets for your new hobby and even buy it in sacks if you decide to open up your own brewery or distillery. You will not only get a little leeway in fermenting mash temperature but will also get purer alcohol due to the presence of micro nutrients in turbo yeast. Once your fermentation process is complete then you will need to distill the fermented ethanol or alcohol to make whiskey.

You will need to transfer the ethanol into your mini-distillery and boil it so as to release alcohol vapor since alcohol has a lower boiling point than water. This vapor will now need to be condensed by using a cooling source to convert those vapors back into distilled alcohol. You can now add burnt fruitwood to provide that wonderful golden color to your whiskey. You can store your whiskey in oak barrels or casks to give it the required maturity and character during the aging process before you can drink this heady alcohol with your loved ones.

You can make whiskey of your choice right at home and even proceed to set up your own distillery if you manage to create a work of liquid art. However, you should make sure that you have the best ingredients and right instructions along with hardy yeast such as turbo yeast to ensure that you get strong and pure whiskey. You can surely have fun sipping on a glass after making whiskey at home if you have the best guidance and materials in your hands.

Enjoy that buzz once you learn to make whiskey

If you love your scotch whiskey, malt whiskey or just about any other form of whiskey then you can take that passion ahead and enjoy that buzz once you learn to make whiskey in your own home. You can also open up your own whiskey distillery if you want to get into commercial production since you can locate all your ingredients including production yeast quite easily.

The taste and character of whiskey or whisky as it is spelt in various countries depends on the key ingredients such as barley or wheat or other grains and water, which is mixed with the key ingredients. The character of this strong alcoholic drink also depends on the aging process. Another factor that ensures an excellent whiskey is the type of fermenting yeast used to ferment the mixture. A robust form of super yeast that belongs to the saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast family is known as turbo yeast.

You can easily order turboyeast over the internet from a reputed website in various bulk packing or small sachets based on the type of ethanol production that you propose to start. If you plan to produce your whiskey at home then you can also purchase a complete mini whiskey distillery kit over the internet or even make one with the help of knowledgeable friends by downloading drawings from a reliable website. They key to remaining safe during whiskey production is to check local laws on brewing and distilling as well as follow all safety precautions while boiling and condensing your fermented ethanol.

Your lesson on how to make whiskey will start as soon as you crush your chosen grain and mix it with water. This process releases enzymes such as amylase into the mixture that set about converting all starch present in the grains into fermentable sugars, which can then be fermented into ethanol or alcohol once fermenting yeast is added to that mixture. While ordinary yeast can produce only mild alcohols at a maximum yeast temperature of 27 degrees Celsius, turbo yeast can produce strong alcohols at 38 degrees Celsius, which in turn can be of great help since it is quite difficult to maintain temperatures at ideal levels while monitoring alcohol strength at the same time.

Your whiskey production kit or commercial distillery will also consist of a still where you will need to boil the fermented ethanol to vaporize the alcohol and then convert that vapor back into strong alcohol with the help of a condensing unit. Your distilling kit will consist of a copper pot along with a copper pipe to collect and transfer the vapors to the condensing section. You will also require a heat source to boil your ethanol safely along with a condensing source to cool down the vapors emitted from the top of the still. You can then add the required flavoring and can also proceed to the aging process so as to end up with strong whiskey with the required taste, color, acidity, and character.

If you love drinking whiskey then you can certainly try making this heady alcoholic drink at home or in your own whiskey distillery. If you have the right sources in procuring and installing your kit or distillery, and also use tough yeast such as turbo yeast then your quest to make whiskey with excellent taste and strength will surely be realized once you take your very first sip of this liquid gold.

Enjoy a strong drink once you learn on how to make whiskey

If you are a whiskey connoisseur and would like to take your palatable hobby to a professional level or simply want to make whiskey at home then you can surely enjoy a strong drink once you learn on how to make whiskey. You will need to make a whiskey still or distillery to convert your fermented mixture into whisky with the desired strength, taste, and character.

Whiskey is made from select grains such as barley or wheat that are milled and mixed with water, and then usually fermented with variants of the saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast before being distilled to produce a strong alcoholic drink. However, this process requires the right quantity of all key ingredients as well as constant monitoring of temperature and alcohol strength so as to produce the tastiest whiskey possible. The grain of choice depending on whether you want to make scotch whisky, malt whisky, or any other type of whisky, is first ground and mixed with water. This process releases enzymes such as amylase that convert the starch present in the grains into sugar.

The resultant mixture is known as mash and you will now need to add matching whiskey yeast to start the sugar fermentation process. However, since most yeast variants can produce only mild alcohols it is important for you to choose hardy yeast that has high alcohol tolerance and can also survive in high yeast temperature. While ordinary yeast cannot ferment beyond 27 degrees Celsius newer variants such as turbo yeast can produce strong alcohols at 38 degrees Celsius and also possess high alcohol tolerance levels at the same time.

Once your base alcohol is ready then you will need to start the distillation process to separate water from your alcohol and increase its proof levels. You will require a copper pot along with a long copper tube and a heating source along with a condensing unit. The heat source such as logs of wood will need to be placed below your copper pot and the fermented alcohol will need to be boiled. This will result in evaporation of alcohol first since its boiling point is lower than water. The resultant vapors will travel through the copper tube where your condensing unit that uses water or air for cooling manages to convert that vapor back into potent liquid gold. You can buy a readymade kit for home production or even invest in a small distillery once you are well conversant on how to make whiskey.

The strength, character, and smoothness of your whiskey will depend on the quality and quantity of fermenting yeast used in your mixture as well as the number of times that you distill the ethanol or alcohol. By using super yeast such as turbo yeast, which is fortified with micro nutrients you will not only get stronger whiskey but also get rewarded with higher yields of whiskey per batch, which in turn will lower your costs and reward your efforts suitably. You can now leave your whiskey to mature in oak casks for a period of several months to several years to add smoothness to the final product.

Your love for whiskey can multiply several times if you manage to make your own whiskey at home or in your own commercial distillery. The process is simple but intricate and requires you to keep an eye on temperature and alcohol levels at all times. Luckily, yeast such as turbo yeast can be of great help once you know how to make whiskey so as to get rewarded with strong and smooth whiskey, batch after batch.