Whisky make at home!

Whisky made at home is pretty easy and convenient. If you do it right by following the instructions and recipes, you will find yourself wanting to repeat the process again and again. Making whiskey has always been popular and once you are sure that you are not breaking any rules by distilling your own alcohol in your state, you can try your hand at it.

The following are the ingredients you will need to make your first batch of good whiskey: 7 lbs rye, 2 lbs barley, 3 g of yeast, 1 lb malt, water (6 gallons), a processor or food mill, a fermentation container that is airtight, a still that can be bought at a supply store or make at home with a pressure cooker or steam kettle (these should have a steam valve), a thermometer that helps in monitoring the temperatures, rubber tubing or plastic hose, a huge pot, pillow case to strain out solids and glass or whiskey bottles.

The first step is to crush the rye and barley into a coarse looking powder. This can be accomplished by using the food mill or food processor. Crushing by hand is also fine if you use a clean brick or stone to do the job. Pour good quality bottle spring water (6 gallons of it) into the cooking pot and put it on the stove in order to heat up to a required temperature of 70 degrees F. You can suspend the thermometer into the cooking pot so that monitoring the temperature can be done conveniently and easily.

Add the crushed grains and malt into the water and stir this continuously as you slowly raise the temperature to 160 degrees F. This has to be done for 3 hours maintaining the temperature at the required degree. This will convert the starch present in the mixture into sugar. Next take off the container from the stove and cool the mash till it is around 70 degrees F. This is the moment when yeast should be added and stirred well so that it does its work. Adding the yeast into a hot mixture will kill it, therefore wait till the mixture is sufficiently cooled down first.

The next step is the fermentation process. The mixture should be put into a large container which is airtight in order to help the fermentation to begin. Use a waterproof sealant in gaps. In about the week, the fermentation should be complete. Pour this liquid through a pillowcase or filter so that you can filter out any solids.

Whisky made at home will now involve distilling the alcohol next. If you but a still from a home brew supply shop you will have no problems following the instructions that come with it. However a homemade still is also easy to make and operate. A rice or pressure cooker or a steam kettle should be used. Plastic or rubber hose/tubing should be placed over the steam valve. A plastic bag can also be used for this. Once the liquids are heated again, it will change into vapor on boiling and this vapor will escape into the hose or plastic bag, into a storage container. Drain the alcohol into the bottles and let it age to get a good taste and flavor.

Different kinds of moonshine stills for sale

Moonshine stills for sale are in plenty. Stainless steel as well as copper moonshine stills are sold by distillation equipment suppliers and manufacturers. Copper moonshine stills are sold as “art décor” and are beautifully hand crafted and many are considered collector’s items. One can buy these for any amount ranging from $ 500 to $3000 depending on the gallon size and the workmanship.

Many people are confused as to which of the two types – stainless steel or copper – is the best type of still to purchase. When compared, the stainless steel still wins the competition where durability, cost and maintenance is concerned. These stills are very easy to clean and you can use just ordinary soap and water. Moreover, they last forever!

Regarding copper moonshine stills, these are very attractive and look fabulous. However they are hard to keep clean as the copper gets tarnished and harsh, expensive chemicals are needed to keep it clean and shiny. The reason why people love them is that copper has the ability to take out sulfides and toxins which are automatically produced while distillation. Moreover, because copper is soft and can be easily handled, most people want to build their own copper moonshine stills at home.

Moonshine stills for sale are hand made/custom made from material (either copper or stainless steel) of a very high quality and the craftsmanship is very good catering to a person’s specific distilling needs. Most distilling equipment is generally user friendly that both new as well as seasoned distillers can easily use them with no trouble at all. The stainless steel still is manufactured from 100 percent stainless steel and is thus extremely durable and long lasting. These are so easy to clean as well. Distillation kits include equipment that can help you make moonshine, distil ethanol and extract essential oils as well. These can also be used to distill and purify water.

Today there are moonshine stills for sale that are solar powered and made with the help of solar energy. These “green” stills are environment friendly and deliver products of low costs making them extremely popular. No matter what your intentions are when you try to purchase a moonshine still, you have to make sure that you are not breaking any law. Everything depends on how you plan to use the moonshine still. Kindly check with local authorities and state laws before you make a purchase.

Moonshine stills for sale are defined as apparatus and equipment that are capable of separating ethyl alcohol from alcohol containing mixtures. Smaller stills (just a gallon capacity) are also used to distill water and non-alcoholic material in a laboratory, so these are obviously exempted from laws that prohibit alcohol making/distilling. However if you extract essential oils using a solvent method and alcohol is the by-product, then you are distilling! It is also important to first find out that the company you are buying your moonshine still from is professional and ethical and not dishonest. Therefore it pays to first do your homework before buying a still. Moonshine stills are pot or reflux stills. The pot still is used to make schnapps or whiskey that will get its aroma or flavor from the mash. A reflux still will not give you an alcohol with taste but this can be added later on.