How a distillation kit enables you to produce your own alcohol

Distillation kit and equipment is what you need to produce your own alcohol with no trouble at all. There are plenty of distillation kits available in the market today that makes distillation of alcohol cheap and convenient. A Laboratory Distillation equipment and apparatus is a set/kit that consists of a Condenser for cooling the air or water, a Kjeldahl Ball, boiling flask, a receiver flask, an iron tripod, vertical support rods that are made of stainless steel, a cast iron base, heating pad and a adjustable clamp. This kit comes with full and complete step by step instructions.

Other distillation kits also includes oils of herbs and garden flowers along with step by step instructions on the whole low temperature process of distillation. A condenser coil made of copper, with the support stand, vented stopper, product vials etc are also included in the kit.

In order to make your own alcohol you can also go in for the Pelican distillation kiut that resembles the bird pecking its breast in order to feed its babies with its blood. The ultimate symbol of sacrifice, this distillation kit design is considered one of the best.

Distillation kits include a still. There are two types of stills – a reflux still and a Pot still. A pot still collects and then condenses the vapors of alcohol that are released while the mash is being boiled. This gives you an alcohol that is around 40 to 60% pure. This alcohol has good flavor. Moreover if it is distilled twice in the pot, the purity will increase to almost 85% even though a bit of the flavor and taste is lost in the process.

On the other hand, a reflux still is a still that can manage many distillations in a single go on account of the packing present in the column that is in between the pot and condenser. This allows a little of the vapor that condenses to slowly trickle back through the said packing. This is called the “reflux” of the liquid that cleans all vapor that rises, increasing its purity. The amount of the reflux liquid will depend on how tall the column is, finally resulting in the percentage of purity. This still will give you a clean vodka that is best for mixing flavors.

A fractionating still is a purer form of the reflux still and condenses all the vapor at the very top of the column packing with almost all the vapor being returned down. The resulting alcohol is almost 95 percent pure and these stills can be used to produce rum., whisky etc.

Distillation kit equipment basically consists of a kettle, condenser coil, a thermometer and a storage container to catch the liquid. A supply store can provide you with stove top stills that are simple. A distillation kit can be purchased online or even at a wine or beer making store.