How to buy scotch whiskey online

Buying whiskey online is one of the easiest ways to get the brand of whiskey you desire. Not all brands of whiskies are available at the local liquor store. Sometimes just getting out and searching for a particular type of scotch whiskey can take a long time. It is not only tedious but also demands a lot of patience. It can be quite a downer when your store manager tells you that they will try to get a particular spirit but are unable to do so. To rule out all these possibilities and make whiskey buying easy and convenient, look for buying your favorite drink online.

When you are looking at buying whiskey online you need to get the basics of your whiskey right. For example a Scotch can be called a Scotch only when it is distilled and matured in Scotland. A Scotch whiskey has to go through a maturation process that lasts three years or more. These whiskies also have to be aged in casks made specifically from oak.

The label of a Scotch whiskey has to state that it has been made in Scotland. This is one of the directives of the Scotch Whiskey Regulations. If the label on your bottle reads ‘Scotch Whiskey’ or ‘Made in Scotland’ then you are looking at the real stuff. If it says anything else such as ‘Scottish Whiskey” then it could be deceiving.

When looking at buying premium whiskies online you should find out about the different kind of whiskies there are. If it is a Scotch that you are looking for then you should know that there are five types of whiskies. These are single malts, single grains, vatted or blended malts, blended Scotch or blended grain whiskey. As a general buying guide you should know that single malts are more expensive than any of the other types.

When you want to buy Scotch whiskey online you should also get informed on the region from which these whiskies are produced. Each whiskey producing region in Scotland lends its specific characteristic to the whiskey produced here. For example Islay malts are heavy, smokier and peatier than the rest mainly because of the soil in this region. Island malts have a light coastal feel to them again because of the location of the distillery and the warehouses where the whiskey matures. The air and the soil of the region have a huge impact on the flavor and complexity of taste of the whiskies.

The main whiskey producing regions of Scotland are the Highlands, the Lowlands, the Islay region, The Speyside region and the Island region. Out of these Speyside malts are some of the best selling single malts as they find a unique balance in flavor and complexity. Once you have completed your study of scotch whiskies and know which ones to purchase you can easily go online.

When you want to purchase Scotch whiskey online you need to make sure that you are going to a secure site with a secure payment gateway. Once you have done that is left to do is search for the whiskies that you have been looking for and make your purchase.