Why copper moonshine stills are the best for distillation

Copper moonshine stills are considered to be the best for distillation of alcohol because they offer excellent thermal conductivity. Copper is said to have more than four times thermal conductivity than stainless steel. This metal is also known for its ability to remove toxins because it is acidic in nature. Not only this, copper moonshine stills also give the alcohol a brisk, fresh taste and is known all over the world as an industrial standard where distilleries are concerned.

Before you think of buying or even making your own moonshine still you should know that it is illegal to distill liquor if you do not have a permit or license. The Federal Government can issue a free ethanol permit and essential oils as well as water can be distilled without breaking the law. However some states have made it easy for a person to obtain a commercial permit for spirits. Note that almost all copper moonshine stills are only sold as “art décor”.

Copper moonshine stills are sold for anything between $500 to $2075 or more, depending on the size and craftsmanship. Some have a sculptured head with a heat dispersion tank that is manufactured for maximum surface heat and great heat transfer. Stills can be custom made to suit your needs specifically. They can be ordered for online and paid for by Paypal etc. It is a great idea to first talk to the concerned supplier regarding the legal risks and delivery etc.

Most people wish to know what the difference between stainless steel and copper moonshine stills is! When th comes to cost, maintenance and durability it is obvious that the stainless steel moonshine still wins hands down! Stainless steel stills are easy to clean and very durable. All one has to do is use water and soap like you do on your pans in the kitchen and you can be sure that the still will last for ever!.

On the other hand copper moonshine stills are known for their amazing abilities to remove toxins and sulfides which are produced at the time of distillation. This is something that stainless steel stills do not do. This is the main reason why the copper still is preferred over the stainless steel still. However you can use a mesh made of pure copper over the column of the stainless steel still so that you can have both the benefits of copper to take out the toxins as well as the excellent durability of the stainless steel still which is cheaper. The copper mesh can also be taken out and cleaned easily instead of having to clean the insides of the whole copper still.

Copper moonshine stills can be built at home because copper is a metal that is soft and pretty easy to handle and work with. Moreover, no expensive equipment or welding is needed when made at home. However, copper itself is expensive and difficult to keep clean. To do so, one must use harsh, expensive chemicals when it gets tarnished.